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No frills, no glitter, no pre-washed or pre-ripped fabric and absolutely no slogans.

Tie-dye was as audacious as it got, although you might spot the odd hippy in London sporting a sweatshirt bearing the words Make Love, Not War, or if they were a Rolling Stones fan, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Shoes were given names the manufacturers probably considered racy because they were borrowed from celebrities, but which were actually harmless, such as Carly or Mickey, or, as I remember from two pairs I bought in 1981 just after a certain royal wedding, Di and Charlie.

Where can I buy dye for suede shoes?

Q: I want to dye a pair of dusky pink shoes black...where can I get dye for this?

A: If you cannot find it at a convenience store, go to a shoe repair place. They sell it. Actually, I'd let them do it (it will cost more, but they'll...

Where can I buy cheap dyed shoes to match bridesmaid dresses?

Q: Getting married and need matching dyed shoes for the bridesmaids but am on a budget. Where can I purchase dyed shoes that are tie dyed to match their dresses?...

A: that dress is gawjuzzz :D maybe you could have a solid colour not dyed ..

Zumba dance shoes

messengerbag “I didn't know it was controversial to tint the ballet shoe!” laughed Katrantzou, who's hoping to dye the dancers' slippers to achieve an extra pop. “You're so used to seeing them in pink, so we're going to color them and see how it feels when they're

Pedal To The Metal In China, red dye was so rare that it was rumored to be made of dragon's blood. In Germany and France, only royalty could wear it. In 17th century France, a red-heeled shoe signified the apex of one's influence and power, thanks to Louis XIV. And

Dyed hair "I do full and half sole replacements for work boots and cowboy boots," Wright said. "I repair heels, polish, dye and stretch women's shoes. I rebuild and repair sandals and running shoes." Montana Leather Repair also fixes rivets, zippers, snaps and

Gates 30 Sure, there's still the expected tie-dye broomskirts and Crocs on the mall. But there's also Hat Shop, Earthbound Trading Co. and the longer-standing Shoe Fly) are organizing a block party "sidewalk jam," with live music, sweets and giveaways. "One

Old Tin But Goff has much deeper roots in the shoe business, starting in the late 1950s. It was then when he snagged a job as a teenager doing odds and ends at a shoe shop on 5th Avenue. The owner "asked me if I was interested in shining shoes, and I said, 'Yeah.

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