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Young companies have a certain ethos.  Startups always seem to have a spirit of  camaraderie that more established firms can’t hope to match.  While surely, much of that has to do with the excitement of forging a new path, there is also a scientific explanation as to why organizations lose steam as they grow.

Based on his studies of the effects of brain capacity on primate social groups, Robin Dunbar suggested that the optimal size for cohesive human social groups is 150, now known as Dunbar’s number .  Other researchers have come up with slightly larger values, but most agree that 150-200 is where normal social ties begin to get strained.

i bought some suede shoes from easy spirit, how do i waterproof them?

Q: I bought some suede sneakers from Easy Spirit. I want to keep them really nice. Since they're suede, and there's snow on the ground, I'm going to have to waterproof them if I...

A: Go to an Ugg store and they will have a can of spray that water proofs their boots......It works great!!!...I wore my shoes out in the rain and...

Where can I find a cute shoe with a narrow heel and a wide toe box?

Q: I have trouble buying dress shoes and casual shoes. Even hiking boots are problematic. My heels are very narrow, so I walk right out of most shoes, even if I go down a full...

A: do you have a picture of the shoe your looking for?

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It now sells apparel, sportswear, accessories and shoes under the Donna Karan New York and DKNY brands. Pierre-Yves Roussel, chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, called it a privilege to collaborate with Karan and said LVMH was committed to

Then a 22-year-old without a single business course under her belt, Sweitzer knew that getting her store off the ground would be no easy feat. Despite her entrepreneurial spirit, doubters called her too young, too inexperienced and too ambitious. But

Carly Wickenheiser's sisters, twins Rachel and Kaitlin, are three years older than her and helped build her competitive spirit. "Since I'm their little sister, they wouldn't go easy on me and let me win," she said, laughing. "It made me a lot more

"They were wearing harem pants with a hi-tech jacket and comfortable shoes. On one side they had a laptop, on the other the baby which one of . In fact, he refers to them as "colleagues" – an indication, perhaps, of a magnanimous spirit that is rare

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