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Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot Black Matte Size 6 Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot Black Matte Size 6
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Hunter Original Short Rain Boots UK 5 US 6M/7F EU 38 Women's Peacock Hunter Original Short Rain Boots UK 5 US 6M/7F EU 38 Women's Peacock
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Original Tall Hunter boots Green Size 9 Original Tall Hunter boots Green Size 9
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In February, Willis unveiled his fall collection in an industrial space on a catwalk surrounded by waterfalls, swiftly silencing those who had once laughed at the proposition of a rain boot label mounting a runway show. "For me, the show is about creating an experience," he says. "We're not concerned with hopping on the latest trend. We have a strong personality. We know who the customer is, and we design around their world."

Conspicuously low-key, Willis and McCartney reside in leafy West London, and are more likely to be found enjoying a quiet lunch with friends or collecting one of their four kids from school than at red-carpet events and fashion parties. The pair famously fell in love after meeting for a business breakfast at Brown's Hotel, when Willis was asked to consult for McCartney's brand during its very early days. "We had the meeting, and then I called her that same day," recalls Willis. "The rest is history." They also like to escape the city regularly. A country estate in Worcester—where rose-dotted hedgerows conceal a redbrick Georgian encircled by English gardens—serves as their weekend getaway, while vacations are often spent in Scotland, where the couple married in 2003. "We try to keep our family time safe and protected," he says. "It's not always easy, especially during particularly busy times or when we both have shows coming up. But we do our best. It's a juggling act." That said, Willis, a lifelong fan of the Middlesbrough FC soccer team, isn't above taking (or wearing) his work home with him, especially at his and McCartney's kids' soccer and rugby games. "The Hunter boots and jackets come in useful for those," he adds.

Should I buy a pair of Hunter Wellington rain boots?

Q: I'm thinking about getting a pair cuz I've seen people wear them and it rains alot where I live. Does anyone own them that can tell me what's so great about them, what colors...

A: Hunter Wellies are the best quality rainboots available, period. They are just extremely well-made and will last you a good 10-20 years. As a...

Any one in Texas know where you can find Hunter Wellington Boots in stores???

Q: I want to actually try on a pair of Hunter Wellingtons(rain boots) before I buy a pair but I am having trouble finding stores in Texas that carry them

A: Smith & Hawken carry them, I saw them at Dillards awhile back (haven't been there since) I have a pair and you will love them, worth every penny.

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Is there an item of clothing more loaded with class assumptions than the Wellington boot? The flat cap, tweed jacket and even the ugly Ugg boot are able to put a toe across Britain's social fault lines. But a pair of rubber boots designed to keep the

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"I've become some-thing of an authority on wind and rain," he tells me wryly. "It makes me a fun dinner-party companion." Indeed, in his two years as creative director of the 159-year-old Scottish Wellington boot brand Hunter, Willis has, along with

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