Heely's Shoes Sz. 4  WOW! Heely's Shoes Sz. 4 WOW!
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Heelys Youth Size 6 Black W/red Trim Heelys Youth Size 6 Black W/red Trim
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Heelys Heelys
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2. The Heelin’ and Dealin’. Go buy a pack of cards at the local magic shop — you’re going to want the highest quality you can find, no dollar store crap. Fill your pockets with them and find a good place to show off. Gather an audience and start an exhibition of your skill. Mid-front flip, grab the cards and throw them to the ground. Yell out the name of a card and then land on that exact one. Alternative name for this move: 52-card-pick-up-some-tail.

3. The Heelchair. Time to think outside the box — and outside the shoe! Take those bad boys off right now. Use a piece of twine to tie them together (make sure the knot is taut), then sit on them. If you use your torso to shift back and forth, you can generate some speed. Try going through a fast food drive-thru. Usually drive-thrus can only detect cars because they’re made of metal, but there is nothing more metal than Heelys.

Where can I buy Heelys Shoes online in Canada?

Q: I live in Canada and wish to purchase heelys, but every company that sells them does not ship internationally for some odd reason. Anyone know of a good credible site that ships...

A: heely.com

Where in scotland can I buy heelys (the shoes with wheels on the back of them )?

Q: I am looking to get some heelys for new year and I am struggling to find somewhere that sells them please can you help me.

A: http://www.granitereef.com/

Store in aberdeen

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